Sunday, May 27, 2012


These Perpetual Motion Machines are of motorized versions that were built to illustrate how they were supposed to work in the minds of  Inventors.

Never mind what educational level we are at, we all miss something that goes beyond the usual scientific explanations.
Fundamental Science, Physics Laws and boring Laws of Thermodynamics bring the ‘flight’ of Inventors' ideas to land. Growing Technology … We live in an age of consumption. But many
of us are still dreaming and believe that the era of creativity has not gone.
My PMM models are built for them. I'd like to inspire these people by demonstrating
Unworkable Perpetual Motion Machines that were designed  centuries ago. 


  1. That's a bad try to full ignorant people, not nice also not an invention.

  2. Can u please give some drawings with dimensions for these machines? I am doing a school project on perpetual motion machines and need links to dimensions to create a 3d model

  3. It's hard to believe but I never use drawings for my models.
    Most of them based on wheel's rotation. Just draw a wheel and
    attach necessary parts to it